~Why should I consider refinishing rather than replacement?

Refinishing saves you money.  Depending on the job, it usually takes one or two days to complete. Also, there are hundreds of colors to choose from.  For a granite look, you may want to consider one of our Multi-Spec products.


~What bathroom and kitchen surfaces can be refinished?

Our refinishing products are effective on countertops, backsplashes, sinks, tubs, tub surrounds, showers and floors.  Keystone can refinish various surfaces such as laminate, fiberglass, marble and tile.


~Can Keystone Refinishing Repair Chips and Cracks?

Yes, Keystone can repair chips and cracks on porcelain and cast iron tubs.  Holes in fiberglass tubs can be repaired.  Missing and chipped tiles can also be repaired or replaced.

~Does Keystone do complete Remodels?

Yes, Keystone refinishing can completely remodel your kitchen and bath.  Keystone is a full service remodeling company.


~Can Keystone make my bathroom wheelchair accesssible?

Yes, Keystone can widen doors, build wheelchair accessible showers, install grab bars and much more.